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Web Optimization

Tools –There are some online tools that help us to improve the site performance, but these tools have some limitations with respect to their work. Sometimes we are using some website for analyzing our website optimization like gtmetrix etc. The gtmetrix analyzes your website and provides suggestions for improvement and optimization, even if there are some large files in the form of image, pdf, or any other kind of big file, then gtmetrix provides us with its optimized form we have to just download and implement in our website. By that when we use light images our site performance increases without affecting the quality of frontend view.

Optimization also depends on what platform we are using for creating the website like if we are creating a website by PHP or any framework of PHP like codeigniter, laravel, etc. each and every type of platform we have to use a different kind of optimization technique. 

Data Handling- When we talk about optimization data is playing the most important role in it. Actually, as it says that “content is king”, this is always true in the case of website development.

There are very heavy files and data are present in websites which makes them slow, some cms like wordpress and drupal have some very heavy plugins and files that increase the site loading time, the best practice in some cases like wordpress we have to use hooks and same compatible methods for other platforms for making site light and loads faster.

Js and CSS-  For creating any website there are two most important factors that are always present which affect most on site’s UI and its representation that is JS and CSS. If there are lots of js and CSS files then each and every time when a site loads it takes a large number of HTTP requests when your website visitor wants to access particular files. 

Database Optimization in CMS- If you are using the cms like wordpress or any other kind of cms that uses some complex plugins then it is obvious it creates automatically some tables in your database and increases the size of your database then your site works slower due to this. Each cms has its own system to optimize them and also has some modules or a number of plugins for managing it. For example, wordpress has its own plugin wp optimize for handling its data and optimizing the website.

Redirection Factor- If your website files have so much redirection function then this will also reduce the speed of your website and take too much time for loading. And sometimes if there is so much redirection there can be chances that the page can’t load and shows an error that “There is too much redirection in your page”. So we have to keep in mind that there should be less redirection on our website.

Caching- There are two kinds of caching effects in website speed browser caching and server caching, both are affecting website loading we have to clear our server cache before testing the website speed and as well as browser cache because sometimes we are searching the issue in our website folder or our server hosting and the main issue is present in the browser. 

Hosting Service – Choosing the best hosting service is necessary if you want your website to respond very quickly because suppose if your website code is okay and all things are working perfectly but your hosting provider platform is not responding quickly then all of the hard work is a kind of waste. So, choosing an appropriate hosting service is the most important factor of any kind of website.

SEO – SEO stands for search engine optimization, this technique is mainly used for making your website rank high. Basically, SEO is making your website in early search results. If the SEO of your website is properly done then the chances of the number of hits on your website increase rapidly. 

So, we can get an overview of web optimization. There are multiple methods present for optimizing the website, some are well known and some will be developed in future development, and as per the nature of the website, the methods are changed.