Rashi Chouksey

AMP Pages

What are AMP pages?

AMP pages is web component based technology to  make your website fast and smooth in Mobile and also an open-source coding project created by Google to help websites load faster on mobile devices. AMP works by stripping pages down to their most essential parts and storing a cached version on Google servers, which allows them to deliver content almost immediately. Initially, AMP pages showed up in the search results with a lightning bolt icon, indicating they are AMP and would load faster:

However, the icon was recently dropped, and many experts say AMP is all but dead.

What is the Goal of AMP Pages?

The goal of AMP is to provide a better user experience by delivering content fast almost instantly in some cases. Google has been focused on page load time for a while. In fact, speed is a ranking factor. 

AMP’s main goal was to increase page speed. However, Google was probably looking to compete with Facebook’s instant articles and Apple News. 

How Does the AMP Plug-In Work?

There are three-part structure of AMP:

Amp HTML: A subset of HTML, this markup language has some custom tags and properties and many restrictions. But if you are familiar with regular HTML, you should have difficulty adapting existing pages to AMP HTML. For more details on how it differs from basic HTML, check Out AMP Projects list require markup that your AMP HTML page must have.

AMP JS: A javaScript framework for mobile pages for the most part, it manages resource handing and asynchronous loading. it should be noted that third-party javascript is not permitted with AMP.

AMP CDN: An optional content Delivery Network, it will take your AMP-enabled pages, cache them and automatically make performance optimizations.

There are a few more points you should know:

  • With AMP Page, you should use a streamlined version of CSS.
  • You are only permitted to use the JavaScript library that Google AMP provides.
  • For AMP sites to work, they must be properly validated By W3C Validaters. 
  • Custom fonts have to be specially loaded.
  • To avoid quirky-looking images, you must make sure to declare height and width.
  • Use AMP-approved extensions if you are using videos on your page.

AMP Emails.

AMP for email permits senders to incorporate AMP parts within made partaking emails, creating fashionable app practicality out there at interval email. The AMP email format provides a set of AMPHTML parts to be used in email messages, that permits recipients of AMP emails to move dynamically with content directly within the message.

More than 270 billion emails are sent on a daily basis, it’s the pillar of the many shopper and enterprise workflows. but the content that’s sent in associate email messages remains restricted – messages are static, will become out of date, and aren’t unjust while not gap a browser. AMP email seeks to boost and modernize the email expertise through further support for dynamic content and interactivity whereas keeping users safe.

AMP Ads.

AMP is basically ever-changing the approach ads are engineered, delivered and measured on the online, creating them quicker and minimizing disruptions for users. This will increase viewability and click-through rates to boost monetisation, creating everybody happy: users, publishers and advertisers alike.

Advertising continues to be the cornerstone of each publisher’s business model; AMP is basically ever-changing the approach ads are engineered and delivered on the online by supporting ads that are quick, safe, compelling and effective for users.

Web Stories

Web Stories immerse your readers in fast-loading full-screen experiences. simply produce visual narratives, with partaking animations and tappable interactions. Story format (formerly referred to as AMP Stories) is free and a part of the open web and square measure out there for everybody to do on their websites. they will be shared and embedded across the net while not being confined to a closed scheme or platform.

Web Stories offer content publishers with a mobile-focused format for delivering news and data as visually made, tap-through stories. net Stories offers a strong set of advertising opportunities for advertisers and publishers to succeed in a novel audience on the net with immersive experiences.