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How to set up a fresh WordPress

Before talking about the installation , I am hoping that you have already installed xampp in your computer, if you are installing wordpress in the local system, if you don’t have xampp go and install from it’s official website https://www.apachefriends.org/index.html , according to your system.

 Make the xampp server on.

 And if you are installing in the live hosting server then you have all the credentials of your server or domain, and c- panel.

Today we are going to talk about wordpress installation on both kinds of server local as well as live hosting.

So, it’s very easy to install the wordpress in your system, for this you can directly download it from it’s official website https://wordpress.org/ , go to the top right corner and click on the blue button , you can see “Get WordPress”.

 Now you are in the download page , where you can see wordpress suggesting us about hosting. You can go and click there if you want to host your website on any specific server or you can also install it on your local server in your pc. The installation method for both of the conditions are the same.

 Below that you can see the blue download button for the wordpress with the updated version number written on that, just hit that button and wait for the Famous 5-minute installation.

After the wordpress is downloaded you can check that on your download folder , just copy and paste to the your xampp->htdocs folder, and you can rename it if you want any other name in the url. 

And if you are using any kind of hosting just go to your hosting File Manager and extract your downloaded zip file there.
Create Database – So, now half of the journey of installation is covered, now its time to create the database, in local server you can just go localhost/phpmyadmin/  you can create your database here by adding new and putting your database name and just hit the Create button, and your database is created.

 In the live server you have to go to the cpanel and you can see the icon named MySQL Database, by clicking there you can redirect to that page where you have to create a database, just put there database name , password and needed credentials and create it. Now you can see your database on the database listing on the same page.

Setup Installation – So, now it’s time to hit the floor. Go to your server url which you are setted up, if you are using hosting from any hosting provider and go to the localhost/your-wordpress-folder-name if you are using the local server, you will see a box which informing you that you have your database name, username, password, hostname before proceeding. All things which we discussed previously. Just click the “Let’s Go” button.

Now you will see a form will open in front of you where you have to fill the things:

  • Database Name -Which you are created at starting.
  • Username- MySql user name which you are created at the time of database creation in hosting and for local system whatever you set up mostly its “root”.
  • Password- Its password of the database which you are set up at the time of database creation in server and for local mostly its blank.
  • Host- Its database host puts localhost as per local server and for  live you have to put it as per hosting.
  • Table Prefix- Here you can decide what should be the table prefix of your website database tables, by default it is wp_ .

Mostly wp-config.php is automatically generated but if it is not wordpress give you a dialogue box with the wp-config.php ‘s code , just copy and create a file on your root folder named wp-config.php and paste the code there.
Then you will see another form of site installation just put the site-title, whatever username and password you want to keep for your admin panel put it there, confirm password checkbox is there check on that, there is option for email put that Id where you want to get the email regarding website, now wordpress gives you to choose that currently do you want to your website to visible on search engine or not, if you are working on live project and your website is in under construction, then you can choose to discourage search engine from indexing this site , just check that checkbox.

Now all set up is done , just click the below button “Install WordPress”. Now you see the dialogue box with the login button, when you click on that you will go to the login page of wordpress.

Here your installation is completed , now you can put your username and password , which you set up at the time of site installation, and login.

Here you go , now you are on the admin panel of wordpress wp-admin.

So, from here your wordpress installation is completed.