Rahul Saini

Basics of Aws Amplify

What is AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify is a JavaScript library for frontend and mobile developers building cloud-enabled applications. The library is a declarative interface across different categories of operations in order to make common tasks easier to add to your application.

Some features of Aws Amplify

1. Authentication –  

You can implement all the authentication features like Gmail confirmation etc, Amplify Auth lets you quickly set up secure authentication flows with a fully-managed user directory. Control what users have access to in your mobile and web apps with Amplify Auth’s built-in authorization capabilities. Click options together or use guided commands to configure email and social sign-up/sign-in, forgot password, and multi-factor auth workflows.

To start this, Install the necessary dependencies by running the following command:

npm install aws-amplify

2. Date Store – 

Amplify DataStore is an on-device storage engine that creates working with distributed cross-user data as simple as working with local data. It synchronizes data between your mobile and web apps and your AWS cloud database to assist you in building real-time and offline applications faster.

The fastest way to get started with using datastore in React is:

npx create-react-app amplify-datastore –use-npm 

cd amplify-datastore 

npx amplify-app@latest

3. Quick Backend Updates –

Due to the serverless nature of AWS Amplify, changes within the backend-related functionality are way easier than before. This saves the time of the user that was previously spent on maintaining backend features.

Backend setup

To set up on the backend, run this command in your projects root folder:

amplify add analytics

4. Analytics –

AWS Amplify provides an auto-tracking feature to track user sessions and website metrics or create custom user attributes for analytics. You’ll access real-time data streams and analyze the information to develop data-driven marketing strategies to leverage customer experience, engagement, and retention rates. Amazon Pinpoint and Amazon Kinesis will do this.

5. Interaction

With AWS Amplify, you’ll build interactive and interesting conversational bots with only one line of code with the same technologies that power Amazon Alexa. Amazon Lex powers this capability.

6. Pubsub –

With AWS Amplify, it’s easy to pass messages between your application instances and your application’s backend, creating real-time interactive experiences. It is often powered by AWS IoT services and Generic MQTT Over WebSocket Providers.

7. Push Notifications –

AWS Amplify improves customer engagement by using marketing and analytics capabilities that permit target customers more effectively. You’ll tailor your content and communications through multiple channels like emails and texts also as push notifications. Amazon Pinpoint powers it.